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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Nuyoka & Co.

ApertureAcademy has an interesting article by Stephen Oachs about a recent sighting of someone who apparently works for Canon. He seemed to be testing a new Canon 5D (or perhaps 7D) series camera. At some point, he also had pulled out a 600mm lens along with a new 200-400mm lens with — get this — a built-in teleconverter! Brilliant!

Here is what Stephen has to say about his findings:
What I also noticed was a Canon camera body that I hadn’t seen before. You can see it in the photos I took…I see the “Q” button located by the big wheel on the right, which on the 7D is currently located on the top left. The battery grip seems to have a joystick. I also noticed a “Rate” button…hrm, any ideas?

While photographing a Cheetah on a Thompson Gazelle kill, we first spotted the Japanese Canon employee. He stood out…

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